Elevate Your Live Music Experience with Professional Drumming

Lesson Packages

Take your live performances to the next level with dynamic, high-energy drumming that promises to captivate your audience. Whether you’re hitting the local scene, embarking on a national tour, or staging a special live event, I bring the rhythm and drive to make each show unforgettable. Explore our flexible live music and touring packages:

Why Partner Up for Your Live Shows?

  • Energetic Performances: Bring your music to life with drumming that’s both powerful and precise, keeping your audience engaged from start to finish.
  • Tour Reliability: Dependable and professional, ensuring that regardless of the venue or city, the performance quality remains high.
  • Genre Versatility: Experience across a wide range of musical styles, ready to adapt to your setlist’s specific needs.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Passion for music and performance drives a collaborative approach, aimed at creating the best possible live experience for your audience.

Ready to transform your live performances? Contact me to discuss your needs or to book a package that suits your upcoming shows and tours. Let’s create unforgettable live music moments together!

Single Gig Magic – Make your one-off performance or event stand out with professional drumming that energizes and engages.

  • Single performance – $300
  • Includes soundcheck, performance, and post-show breakdown.

Mini Tour Package – Perfect for artists and bands embarking on short regional tours. Let’s bring consistent, top-notch drumming to your series of shows.

  • Up to 5 shows – $1,250
  • Pre-tour rehearsal session included to synchronize our performance.

Full Tour Experience – Ready to take on a full tour schedule? Ensure every date has the pulsating beats and rhythmic precision it deserves.

  • Up to 15 shows – $3,500
  • Comprehensive rehearsal period to fine-tune our collaboration, ensuring a seamless live experience across all your tour dates.

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